New Century Park Play Area

Work began in ernest on Monday 3 June with the old play equipment and fencing being removed. Photos of the play area after the removal of the equipment can be seen here and here. 

Some of you have asked whether the old play equipment (particularly the train) could be recited somewhere else in the Village. Whilst sad to see sentimental equipment go, the Parish Council was not able to do this. When in situ, the old equipment conformed to historic health & safety standards, but once removed, the likelihood of it meeting the new standards was very slim. Because of its age and the number of times it had been painted, it would have been difficult to also check the integrity of the steel. As such the Council's Play Area Health & Safety specialist advised that it had come to the end of its useful life expectancy and the Council had made the right decision to renew the whole play area.  This also applies to the picket fencing which had rotted and could not be recycled. 

Of paramount importance to the Parish Council is to ensure that the children of the parish have a fun and safe place to play. We are really pleased that with the help of Eastleigh Borough Council and devlopers' contributions we were able to go ahead with our plans to bring our children an exciting new play area. The final design can be seen here

The installation of the new play equipment will commence on Monday 10 June. It is hoped that the project will be completed in time for the start of the summer holidays. 

Once again thank you to all our residents and partners for supporting us with this exciting project. 

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