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The Parish has 15 Councillors.  All Councillors serve a four year term, and are normally elected in a single election. The next election is in 2019.  Councillors give their time voluntarily and do not get paid a salary or expenses.  There is currently one vacancy on the Council - if you would like further details please contact the Parish Office.







Peter Barrett

17 The Drove

Horton Heath

SO50 7NX

Tel: 023 8060 1541

Email Councillor Barrett               Register of Interests







Colin Bird

32 Reynolds Road

Fair Oak

SO50 7NA

Tel: 023 8069 4255

Email Councillor Bird      Register of Interests


Councillor Nicholas Couldrey 

Nicolas Couldrey

Crowd Hill Farm
Winchester Road
Fair Oak
SO50 7HD 

Tel: 023 8060 0990

Email Councillor Couldrey                Register of Interests








Helen Douglas (Chairman)

The Little Dower House, Mortimers Lane

Fair Oak

SO50 7EA

Tel: 023 8069 2200

Email Councillor Douglas          Register of Interests







John Goss

3 Goodison Close

Fair Oak

SO50 7LE

Tel: 023 8069 3027

Email Councillor Goss                      Register of Interests






Debbie Lusmore

Kingswood, Winchester Road

Fair Oak

SO50 7GT  Tel: 023 8069 6335

Email Councillor Lusmore                         Register of Interests







Hugh McGuinness

Cramond, Hall Lands Lane

Fair Oak

SO50 7EF

Tel: 023 8069 4453

Email Councillor McGuinness    Register of Interests







Trevor Mignot

58 Olympic Way


SO50 8QA

Tel: 023 8060 1125

Email Councillor Mignot               Register of Interests







James Noel

9 Reynolds Road

Fair Oak

SO50 7NA

Tel: 07502 284653

Email Councillor Noel                                 Register of Interests







Robert Rushton

139 Sandy Lane

Fair Oak

SO50 8GF

Tel: 023 8001 6240

Email Councillor Rushton     Register of Interests







Desmond Scott

4 Inglewood Gardens, Sandy Lane

Fair Oak

SO50 8GF

Tel: 023 8060 0292

Email Councillor Scott                   Register of Interests







Mary Shephard

19 Grangewood Gardens

Fair Oak

SO50 8ER

Tel: 023 8069 4856

Email Mary Shephard        Register of Interests







John Sorley

19 Camelia Grove

Fair Oak

SO50 7GZ

Tel: 023 8069 3750

Email Councillor Sorley   Register of Interests








Philip Spearey (Vice-Chairman) 

27 Spring Close

Fair Oak

SO50 7BB

Tel: 023 8069 4245

Email Councillor Spearey              Register of Interests


Contact the Parish Office

Tel:  023 8069 2403

Email: enquiries@fairoak-pc.gov.uk